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Why are peoples experiences so variable

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Why are peoples experiences so variable

I have been following all the topics in this forum with great interest and it is obvious that some people are having a terrible experience with Plus.

My speed have always been OK and seem to be really good in the last few days. What is going on why are some people suffering so badly?

Below is a speed test which is typical.

I'm on BB Plus using up to 12GB in total per month never exceeded my month peak usage.

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Why are peoples experiences so variable

Been getting respectable speeds for a while now

Even during peak times +Net is giving

16-12-2006 13:37:25 6393.3
14-12-2006 18:48:32 6420.1
14-12-2006 18:48:19 6420.1
14-12-2006 18:48:02 5997
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Why are peoples experiences so variable

Probably because everyone’s expectations are variable. Perhaps we all have differing modem models and filters and underground cables and distances from the exchange. Possibly because we have all been told so many variable versions of ‘reality’. Denying reality doesn’t make it any less real, nor does it keep reality from affecting us. And it is clearly affecting us all in differing ways.

As I have previously pointed out (see my other posts) there are some users who are more than happy with the service – equally there are some who are not. There are many who don’t even know this forum exists and are completely unaware of the debates being had here day after day.

I know of PlusNet customers who have not been contacted about Max – or if they have it was in such a singular way as to completely miss the target audience. So, some lucky people think 2Mb is all that is available and are happy with what they have because it is what they’ve always had – they don’t know there has been an email problem because they only switch on twice a day, see if they have any emails and maybe surf the weather channel if they are feeling adventurous - they couldn’t conceive of using even 1Gb in a month.

And, whichever way it is interpreted by whomever reads this, ignorance is bliss – for some that is just oodles of blissfulness (or if you're running an ISP company it's probably oodles of money too).

I guess that the answer to your question really lies somewhere alongside that other great question – ‘how long is a piece of string?’

Happy days.
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Why are peoples experiences so variable

The previous poster makes some very good points. It really depends on what you do and what you expect. For me I get low stable gaming pings and web browsing is fast. That covers 99% of my needs from Plusnet. I do also download the occasional patch for games etc. So I an generally very happy with PN.

Plusnet do give P2P traffic low priority and so if you were downloading alot of P2P at peak times it would not be so good. Another point is some people who complain do nothing to sort out their problems. There are plenty of forums on the web about ISP's where the same people make the same complaints over and over again but do nothing to solve their problems.

If you have a problem then contact PN. If you are not happy after that then find an ISP that suits your needs.
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Why are peoples experiences so variable

I've just been doing some testing of my own, which to an extent has surprised me (Usenet).

BT Speedtest: 6.8mbps
Normal Speedtest: 4mbps
Usenet: Anything from 1.6-4.8mbps
Torrents: 8-40kbps

Edit: Should also point out that I'm on Staff Premier, which is identical to Premier Option 1. And I live on the same road as the exchange Smiley