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Why am I paying so much for a bad 512k connection?


Why am I paying so much for a bad 512k connection?

I just moved into a new flat. As soon as I got the phone service turned on, I signed up with PlusNet for the 2mbit premiere DSL. I get an email confirming that my line is good. I then get an email confirming that my DSL has been turned on. Great! So I hook up the DSL modem and.. naturally, it doesn't work. After a number of tech support calls, I get bounced from PN to BT and then back to PN. PN eventually decides that I have to have my line downgraded from 2mbit to 512k. So now I have slow DSL (after a week of no service).. and, as an added bonus, it randomly disconnects me every hour or two. And yet I'm still paying for the 2mbit DSL.

This is ridiculous. When they initially told me that I was being downgraded to 512k, I assumed I would be paying less for the dramatically inferior service. But the tech support person I was speaking to at PN casually told me that, no, I'll still be paying the full price for this crippled service. If PN had given me an accurate idea of my line speed in the first place, I would have signed up elsewhere with a less expensive plan. I'm angry enough that my connection is 1/4 of what it's meant to be. The fact that I'm still paying full price is rubbing salt in an open wound. I'm a very, very unhappy customer.
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Why am I paying so much for a bad 512k connection?

I dont see this as plusnets fault, if BT has reported to them your exchange and line is capable of 2mbps, then how can this be plusnets fault?
When you signed up to the 2mb service, it clearly states if 2mb connection is not possible you will be provided with 1mb or 512k connection.
As for your line dropping every hour or so, this is probably line noise. Are you using an extension cable? as these, if they are not of a good quality degrade the ADSL signal. Try plugging it straight into the BT socket if you are.
BT supply Plusnet with an accurateHuh? figure of what your line is capable of. So again, plusnets fault?

check this link out. It will tell you everything about your exchange status.

Hope you get it sorted.