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Why I HATE PlusNet


Why I HATE PlusNet


Seeing as I can't get through to anyone that will care at PlusNet, I thought I'd post it here. Perhaps you'll read it and for once in a while I'll get a proper response from someone in your company.

First I should probably say when I joined PlusNet in June 2005 I was mightily impressed with their service (even if it did take them more than 10 days to get my broadband working and for me to tell them how to fix it).

Unfortunately guys, your service, in my opinion, has gone from good to absolutely appauling. When I joined apparently you had in the region of 50k customers, now you have near on 200k. That is massive growth, but whoever did your expansion planning needs to go on a few project management courses as you've not coped with it at all well.

It all started when you decided to introduce traffic shaping...fair enough I suppose seeing how many people use P2P transfer - you need to ensure your pipes have a bit of space left for othehr stuff.

Then you decide to 'improve my service' by capping the hell out of my connection. I get a better service by being limited to when I can download? How does that work exactly? Then you give me an extra 5 gig. Wow...thanks....still miles behind other services.

So...being fed up with the rubbish-ness of it all, I decide to phone customer services to speak to them about leaving. I discover that approx 70% of the options now lead to me being directed to the website and being hung up on. Very useful. Eventually I manage the right combination of buttons and get dumped into a queue. Remembering the useful call queue monitor on the website, I check it out to find the queue is 25 minutes. WHAT THE...Huh? What happened to the couple of minute queues you used to have? Oh yes...I remember. Poor expansion planning. Four times the customers generally means four times the support calls, which require four times the staff to cope. Then when you do stupid stuff - this will go up even further (more on this later). Seriously PlusNet, it's not that difficult to work out. How do you get it so wrong?

I submit a ticket asking about moving to another ISP, what do I need to pay, how do I do it etc etc. I'm told I can't move and have to cancel as I'm on an LLU product. Ah. Minor point, thanks for telling me that one before migrating me. I have a bit of a moan on the support ticket (yes I'm good at that) and get told I'm not actually on LLU and I can get a MAC code after all. I request I don't want to be moved to LLU as I will want to leave soon, and miraculously while I'm away on holiday I get migrated, and I'm now told there's no way back. So WHEN I move to another ISP, I get downtime instead of the couple of hour switchover. Thanks guys....great customer service. delete all my email. Not just mine, but 700 GIGS worth of other peoples' along with it. Good god, this is incompetancy at it's best. You blamed this on a patch being installed and the engineer doing the 'upgrade' didn't know. Haven't you heard of change management? I work in a top investment bank, if I did this I'd lose my job, no questions asked.

Then...the final straw today. I can't connect all morning because of a power outage at Telehouse North. Oh but it 'effects' (not affects?) other ISPs too, so that's OK then. Poor poor poor excuses PlusNet. I don't give a monkeys about other ISPs, and neither do all of the other people that can't connect. Have you guys not heard of redundancy? You should have had backup authentication servers in place, ready to roll. A whole morning of downtime is not acceptable. It amazes me that an ISP the size of yours has a single point of failure that can cause you so many problems. I don't suppose you'll be offering me my money back for today?

Let me finish with me pointing out that this is not me hiding behind a computer screen having a pop at the faceless ISP. I will happily meet with anyone at PlusNet and talk to you about my issues with your service. If you can't manage this, then how about somebody gives me a call? You have my contact details.

If you can't manage this, then I suggest you have a look at moving my account back to normal ADSL. The fact I got the notification AND was moved to LLU whilst I was on holiday was extrememly annoying, especially seeing as I specifically asked NOT to be moved.

If you've managed to read this far....thank you.

I await your response PlusNet.

David Stephens

Why I HATE PlusNet

Post this marked FAO James Bailey. This guy knows how to deal with his customers
Good luck


If you can prove you opted out before the order was placed, PM James Bailey and ask to be moved back to IPstream.

I did, as i opted out in may this year, but still got moved to LLU with no tickets or service notes/emails generated.

i found out only by speaking with BT options who said there was a order from tiscali wholesale on my line.

This was on a friday with a go live for monday 7th. raised anohter optout ticket friday. still got moved.

Only today got moved back to a working IPstream ready for my to migrate asap.

Why I HATE PlusNet

That is exactly the kind of thing that drives me mad about PlusNet - nobody is singing from the same hymn sheet! The guy answering helpdesk calls tells me there's no way of moving back and basically it's tough luck, yet it's obviously quite possible as you are an example of said process.

Sort it out PlusNet!