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Who will buy PlusNet?

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Registered: 06-08-2007

Who will buy PlusNet?

The share price today is at an all time low of 111p.
Is it possible that there is no money in the kitty for luxuries such as service and upgrades ?
The staff must be as unhappy as many of the customers.
The business relationship with Tiscali would seem to indicate a potential for disposing of 200,000+/- users.
I do not know if this route is available or desirable.
Growth by acquisition is certainly a major feature of the
predatory players in the industry. No one is likely to ignore such a good and well trained user base such as us !
Roll the dice......who will it be ? Sad
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Who will buy PlusNet?

Hi there,

Firstly, 111p isn't an all time low.

Few points:

- We are a viable business, albeit with a few problems currently
- We do offer a sustainable product, as outlined by our continued growth
- There is a land grab going on currently, and we won't be the target of a buy out. The larger players will be looking for a larger, with their own infrastructure, ala PIPEX.

Glad to Hear It James

Encouraging words from James. If you are not happy - tell Plusnet. They seem keen to sort it out. Plusnet has been the best ISP I have been with to date! :lol:
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Who will buy PlusNet?

You missd out Sky from the list.