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Who do I contact and how?


Who do I contact and how?


I've just been looking at the support section of the website as I wish to report a fault. As far as I can see the only thing I can do is go through the Self Test procedure, which wants exact dates, something I don't have.

The problem I have is that since having my connection speed increased to 8mb my actual usable speed has dropped to around 2mb, which wouldn't be so bad if it were stable.

When it was set at around 5mb for testing it was fine and very quick and reliable.

Now while checking the connection status of my router I see that the connection speed is 8128kbps Downstream and 448kbps Upstream. Both fine and what I expect to see. The line attenuation is showing 26db down and 9db upstream, again not bad and shouldn't cause any problems.

My problems lie with the downstream noise margin. Most ADSL hardware won't function correctly with anything lower than 6db. Mine is lucky if it gets any higher than 4db, and more often than not at 3db. This is making my connection incredibly unreliable, it's there but very slow. Playing online games on my Xbox 360 is now impossible where as before it was fine. It's not even lagging in the usual way, it bursts then stops.

So basically is there anything I can do? Or better still is there someone I can contact, maybe a real person I can speak to on a phone who can resolve this issue for me? I can't be doing with wasting my time going through the online fault reporting system when it's obvious where the fault is. I've tried a different router and both have been connected to the master socket, with two different microfilters etc etc.



Who do I contact and how?

Doing the online fault test is the quickest way to inform PN there's a problem, it gives PN all/most of the info they need to tackle BT, grit your teeth and go for it.

For the disconnects register with (it's free and only take 5mins) the graph produced can help convince PN if theres a problem.

N.B I'm sure rough dates will do.

Who do I contact and how?

Thanks. I'll get started then.

Dates are going to have to be rough, I've not played any head to head stuff online for a few months, although my Xbox live connection has been ropey for a while now.