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Who are the "Majority"?


Who are the "Majority"?

I have seen this phrase not to mention the ever flashy un/sustainable :lol: for quite a long time on these forums.

What I want to know is the actual figures:

- Who is the majority braoadband customer e.g. what type of user? how many thousands etc.?

- Which package are the majority users on? e.g. Plus, Premier, PAYG

- How long approximately (days, months) does it take for the network to get crippled/slowdown from the 1% of excessive users?

- What are the "key" differences between accounts (apart form type of IP address and webspace)? e.g. Plus versus Premier

I just want to know the facts, everything else is pretty much covered in the forums...I think :roll:

No discussion really needed just facts and figures. Thanks

Who are the "Majority"?

nevermind, misread the post