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Which Speed Test is Most Accurate?


Which Speed Test is Most Accurate?

I have checked my speed with the PN speed test and also the speed test at ADSL Guide. The results from ADSL Guide are always higher by about 1mb. Which is the most accurate?

Which Speed Test is Most Accurate?

Good question.

The PlusNet speed test, I have always found to be somewhat inaccurate and have come to rely on the AG tester. However as per kitz's post here on the UserGrour forum, the AG test may be throwing up some inaccurate results at present.

There is some useful advice in the thread to which I linked and should be worth a read.
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Which Speed Test is Most Accurate?

No speed test is accurate due to there being many factors that affect your speeds at any point in time, some of which are:

1) Your PC doing other internet activity
2) SNR levels being low / fluctuating which in turn could result in retransmissions of data, thus affecting the perceived throughput speed
3) Exchange contention (becomming more relevant with the higher speeds)
4) PN BT central contention (gateway / pipe capacity and what others are doing on your pipe)
5) Traffic management
6) Your product type
7) MSOs (Major servive outages) impacting on speeds / routing through the BT network
8) The test servers being busy

and many more.

They can only be used as a guide to your speeds.

A more realistic test is likely to be one that just uses HTTP data which has the highest management priority.

Which Speed Test is Most Accurate?


But why do two different tests give such varying results when conducted only seconds apart?
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Which Speed Test is Most Accurate?

Mainly because an awful lot of internet traffic is very bursty, so what is happening on your exchange, the Plusnet gateway, the link to the server and on the server itself will vary tremendously from second to second. You have to try to find a quiet time to run the tests to find out what your connection is capable of - if there is such a time these days!
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