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Which Modem/Router for MaxDSL???


Which Modem/Router for MaxDSL???

Hi, have put a request in for MaxDSL on my exchange but was thinking, if Plus upgrade my line will they supply me with a new modem (I currently have a 3 yr old Speedtouch 330 which I doubt can handle the new speeds) or will I have to buy my own?
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Which Modem/Router for MaxDSL???

You'll be buying your own ... PN won't be giving you new hardware :lol: !

There are firmware updates available for the ST330 so that it will support the higher speeds but when i tested them on a spare 330 it killed my laptop stone dead for a couple of days. I went back to my Voyager 105 which works well enough but isn't very fast (although my upgrade to Max went smoothly and without too much fuss, I'm not really getting more than 2.4MB/s despite fab stats and being 600M from the exchange)

Most people will suggest you get yourself a robust modem/router as a replacement (just as I intend to). Lots depends on your line stats. There's loads of threads to look at on these subjects.

Good Luck