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Wheres my kit?

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Registered: 21-08-2007

Wheres my kit?

My broadband has gone live within the time limits stated by plusnet however my modem and other gear hasn't arrived yet. Sad

I checked on the order tracker and the kit was sent out (i don't know that for sure but a couldn't change the del address so i imagine it had been posted, it said processed) a couple of days ago.

Anyone else had any issues with this, also i've been lurking in the background of this forum for a week or so and gather that there must be a website where you check how contended your local exchange is, could someone provide me with the url?

Also does it tell you how far away you are from the exchange or is that another site?

Any help appricated



Wheres my kit?

To find out what is going on with your hardware raise a ticket from here -

What option you have to select is anyone's guess!

To get the exchange details -

To see how far away you are -

This is also good but has no date as to when it was last updated -
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Wheres my kit?


Looking at the hardware order it was sent out Monday evening so should be with you today or tomorrow at the latest. The hardware is sent out via Royal Mail.