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Where does the throttling stop?


Where does the throttling stop?

Today i went to transfer a site backup via ftp and struggled to get anything over 30K.

I checked pings and everything was okay. so i made a tarball and downloaded the backup via http at over 220k.

What gives?

Has it gotten that bad that everything none web traffic must be throttled to the hills. 30K Throttling does not an 2Meg connection make.
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Where does the throttling stop?

Was this one of our servers that you were backing up from, or an external third party server?

If it was one of ours, then these are rate limited as standard on ftp transfers, and this has been the case for quite a long time.

If it was an external server, then I'd suggest double checking with the server admin to see if they have any sort of rate limit in place on ftp transfers. If they don't, then the next step would be to contact our support team via link:contact us