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When will the 'free' upgrade to 2MB arrive - 2006 or 2007 ??


When will the 'free' upgrade to 2MB arrive - 2006 or 2007 ??

Our local exchange was originally down to be upgraded in July, then it moved to August.... on 4th August Force9 sent me an email telling me my product name has been changed to "Force9 HomeWorker Pro - Up to 4Mb", and that ...

"In the near future you will be able to benefit from:

- A free speed upgrade* to 2Mb."

So I waited.....

I raised a support ticket at the end of August asking about the anticipated timescale and the reply I got was....

"I'm afraid we don't have a definitive answer for you, the regrade program is still ongoing. BT aim to have this complete by the end of september."

So I waited some more ....

I raised another support ticket on 13 November asking for some information - in the meantime I'd recommended F9 to a friend who lives further away from the exchange and their installation was put in as a 2MB line....

The response I got was ....

"BT are currently in the process of upgrading all of our customers to the highest speed their line can support. There have been delays in this process, but we expect the bulk of the regrades to have completed by now. This will be done at no cost.

It has been identified that a few customers may have been missed by the first "run" of regrades. To remedy this we will be doing a mop up run shortly after the initial run completes.

If you wish to "jump the queue" and have your regrade done straight away, this carries a one off charge of £14.99 and would be completed within a few days."

So I asked when the "initial run" was supposed to be complete, and why couldn't BT now upgrade any lines that may have been "missed" if Force 9 pointed them out to them.... the response (13 Nov) was....

"The speed upgrades are dependant on BTWholesale schudules. When will you get you speed upgrade is dependant on them. We have been informed they should be completed by the end of this month."

So I'm still waiting - it's now been over FOUR MONTHS and still no upgrade .... Cry

Meanwhile I am still paying nearly £45 a month for a 1 MB line - and if I try and upgrade it in order to get the 2 MB speed now, there are NO home business packages offered as a regrade - only Broadband PAYG, Broadband Plus and Broadband Premier :roll:

I think it's disgusting that I've been made to wait this long, with F9 seeming to be not willing to take any pro-active action in getting the promised line upgrade - and at the same time leeching £45 a month from me for a grossly over-priced product Evil

I would be more than happy for you to prove my opinions are wrong :roll:
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When will the 'free' upgrade to 2MB arrive - 2006 or 2007 ??

I've PM'd you about this as it contains information specific to your account.