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Whats going on ! :(


Whats going on ! :(

Am I the only one losing it with F9 these days..

Guys u used to be a good, cost effective ISP, now.........

1. You aint cost effective, account restrictions are crazy for the monthly cost
2.Worse of all if you have a problem you cant talk to anyone !!
Call the general number, spend 10 mins pushing numbers only to be told go on line or call the 50p pm number... which if you do will ring and ring till it drops the line!!!!
3.Fill in an online ticket, and eventualy (2 DAYS!) get it answered by someone who obviously does not have a clue what their on about and have not read your ticked correctly in the first place ?

Whats going on, whats brought about all these changes, What has changed at f9 in the last 6 months or so ?
I for one think I got to be moving on, and thats 22 customers I put onto F9 gona be moving on with me! (who have also been moaning at me incidently about F9 customer support)
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Whats going on ! :(


We appreciate that there have been some issues over support recently, and are taking steps to address this.

We have made numerous changes internally, to staff, procedures, and equipment, and you will see the benefits of this shortly.

At present we have a backlog within our Support Centre, which we are working very hard to reduce as swiftly as possible, this will also have a positive effect on call waiting times.

In short, there's loads of changes being implemented, but it will take a little time for your experiences to reflect the changes.
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Whats going on ! :(

no offence Mand ( welcome btw), but we keep hearing ' things will only get better', as if the record has stuck.
At present we seem to be feeling a cascade effect of faults, failures and implementations.
Connection isnt and hasnt seemed to be 'safe' niether has email of late.
The 'ticket' system wont work, people need to see action, a hide behind a firewall of tickets , will only cause more mistrust. The phone and talk, whilst it may cost more , re-assures your customers, and does help fix things quicker.
BUT untill all the outages, error, lost emails, etc etc of late are fixed, peopel are only going to feel they are being fobbed off with another ' it will improve' story.
to quote
" Actions speak louder than words".
fix the gear so faults are uncommon, not a common feature.
Get phone support working so your customers can talk to a person, and been seen to do someting.

Whats going on ! :(

Hi Mandy

I agree with doomreaper we need reassurance that things are changing not just promises.

For your information I have just had a major outage the whole of my systems shut down and I had to reboot the modem and got the following

Jul 15 11:01:21> DSL Carrier is training
Jul 15 11:01:31> DSL Carrier is up
Jul 15 11:01:32> pppd 2.4.1 started by root, uid 0
Jul 15 11:01:32> Connect: ppp0 {--}
Jul 15 11:01:35> PPP Negotiation Failed
Jul 15 11:01:35> Connection terminated.
Jul 15 11:01:35> pppd 2.4.1 started by root, uid 0
Jul 15 11:01:35> Connect: ppp0 {--}
Jul 15 11:01:39> PPPoA Connect with IP Address
Jul 15 11:01:39> PPPoA Connection Successfully Established
Jul 15 11:01:39> PPPoA Connect with Gateway IP Address:
Jul 15 11:01:39> WAN IP address
Jul 15 11:01:39> WAN gateway
Jul 15 11:01:39> primary DNS address
Jul 15 11:01:39> secondary DNS address

Although as you can see it connected but was out for around 4 mins.

I tried the Service status information number as advertised

0845 002 0174

This rang twice and then disconnected and this is the problem nothing seems to be going right for F9 so we really do need reassurance to convince us to stay with F9.
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Whats going on ! :(


The phone system was turned off between 10am and 2pm yesterday for maintenance. This is the reason the Service Status line was not working, I have just checked this and it seems fine now.

Whats going on ! :(

Support ! As of today ......Sunday

THE PHONE IS NOT ANSWERED ..... tried for over 2 hours ! So whats the excuse there ?

Second: Reply to ticket .... First reply "STILL" not answered for 2 days ?

"Ok now this is getting silly no answer from you ... how long does it take to do a ticket these days ... I am an IT engineer for IBM if we responded to support this way we would be sacked !!!

Second: Today Sunday 16th July my usage counter states I have downloaded 77Mb ................ WTF my system (inc router) has not been turned on ,,, I have just turned it on now !!!! So dont tell me their aint a problem here somewhere !" I aint dona start paying for extra usage or get reduced service lets sort this or sort out the code I need to transfer ISP ... There will be a few I gona take all the people I put onto F9 with me ,,, this sucks you used to be a good ISP !"

I have a 10 Gb HD according to F9 have downloaded 15Gb .... When I state there must be an issue somewhere, the reply is, You must have deleted some files to make room for the downloaded files !!! Install software my end to monitor my downloads if I want to take this matter further !"!!

F9 I understand PC,s I know what I download,,,,,, If my system aint on I cant have downloaded shit !"! I was online friday and the usage meter states 0Gb usage ?

Another temp problem whilst you sort it out I guess ¬

Whats going on ! :(

Sorry Mand not happy with that answer.

My system was down so how can I raise a ticketHuh?

I rely solely on broadband and I do not have a dial up modem installed on my system therefore the next option for me is to make a phone call.

If your phones go down there should be a default system in place to give an indication that you have a problem. It is not difficult for the telephone system to default to a recorded message (like it did before) stating an apology and that the system is trying to be rectified please try later. Not just get cut off these are the sort of things that annoy the clients that you are trying to keep and this is also an improvement in the system that is required.

Whats going on ! :(

I have to agree See above
Like it or not tech support is totaly shit ! you are employing people who do not have a clue about what they are supporting .... #
Support "unplug your modem and restart you PC"
"I am on a router ? "
support "not sure if that will work with your account " !

1. the regular number will take u through 10 mins of options then tell u to call the ppm number or go on line ! So jack shit help there !
2. The ppm number will ring and ring then go dead
3. Raise a ticket (its all else you can do) Have it answered by someone who does not have a clue, did not read your problem anyway ( no one uses the wizard cause its crap) and who passes the issue back at u , Damm I am paying for the service every month ,,,,, dont pass it back at me ! READ my issue an look into it.,,,,,,,