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Whats going On????


Whats going On????

Ok... I've just (literally ) <Edit: activated> up with PN.
Browsing these forums, it seems theres some issues. Well, maybe not some. Maybe lots.

What I'd like to know is what is going on, and how does it affect meHuh

I mean, is my exchange LLU'ed? Am I on "ADSL max"??

The company I'm now working for has regularily advised against getting BT broadband, and I must admit, after the trouble it took to get a phone line activated off BT, I would NEVER in a million years use them for broadband.

The router I'm using has a max thru rate of 2Mbps, but plus net are rating my line as being 5.5Mbps.

That would probably shield me from some of the disruption...

Whats going On????

Not sure whether you mean you're getting data at a max of 2 Mbps, but that's not uncommon during the first couple of weeks. Even the router I bought around 4 years ago is capable of 8000 kbps, so I doubt many are actually limited to 2000.

As for DSL Max or LLU... An easy way to tell is to check the "upstream" speed. For DSL Max it may show up to 448 kbps, while for Max Premium (office connection, more expensive) its in the 800+ area. With LLU people have reported figures above 500 kbps (sorry, I am not currently on LLU, and cannot remember where I saw the info... perhaps, but perhaps not).

Whats going On????

Well, this is what my router is reporting:

Bandwidth Up/Down (Kbit/sec) 448 / 6080

So I'm on MaxDSL then!?Huh
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Whats going On????

Yup! Wink

Whats going On????

My router is definatly only 2Mbps capable tho. (It is old). Oh well, guess that will shelter me from some of the pain.

(I dont need more than 2Mbps. I could easily go over 30GB with that. And I dont stream video, so... Smiley )

Thanks. I think I've worked out whats going on now... (Spent 4 hours reading forums) wait and see time I guess.