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Whats all this about? Alternate Network Supplier??


Whats all this about? Alternate Network Supplier??

Been looking at this thread

(DSLMax & Alternate Network Supplier - Update) feedback

read through a few pages... whats it all about? How can we tell who we are with??

got my email on the 19th for the upgrade and my speeds are still all over the place.... am I on a carp supplier??

Plus speed says over 4mb and adslguide says

Speed Test Results
Downstream 3,676.0 Kbps ( = 3.6 Mbps )
Upstream 378.1 Kbps ( = 0.4 Mbps )

Internet frog says (if this is fast I know my connection is good!)

Speed Test Results
Download: 2,053,680 bps
Upload: 182,744 bps
QOS: 80%
RTT: 159 ms
MaxPause: 164 ms

browsing seems slowish.... a LOT worse since I was upgraded(??!) from 2mb to up to 8mb
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Whats all this about? Alternate Network Supplier??

It's all to do with who Plusnet buy their connection from, that is the bit which runs from your local BT exchange to Plusnet.

Traditionally it has been BT who provided that, but with the advent of LLU - Local Loop Unbundling; other companies can put their own equipment into the BT exchange. Your house wire (the broadband bit) is connected to this other company's wire which then connects to Plusnet.

Plusnet have chosen Tiscali Wholesale as the other company to provide this for them, in addition to what they buy from BT Wholesale. As more companies get their equipment into the BT Exchanges, one would guess the number of broadband Wholesalers will increase. The primary reason for this is to improve competition between the wholesale providors, and in the New Labor Privatisation model this will drive down costs and improve quality.

What difference will it make to you - well if it all works as planned, none in terms of the service you buy and receive. Many posters though, will point out it is unlikely to work and if it doesn't, it will be even harder to fix. (We do have one difference to begin with where BT are rolling out MaxDSL and that is not yet (?) available if you are connected via Tiscali.)

My point of view is that your (my) contract is with Plusnet. All the sub contractors used by Plusnet and in turn by their suppliers are not part of that contract.


Whats all this about? Alternate Network Supplier??

ah righto Craig ... thanks

Seems to be yet another thing you have to find out here (from other users) and not plus net actually telling you!