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What you get with Plusnet


What you get with Plusnet

I have had no internet since Sunday, after an initial call to the helpdesk (wait time 45 minutes) I tried the things they suggested with no luck and so raised a ticket.

Another call to the support line (Wait time 30 minutes) no luck.

Tests have been carried out and I again tried the test accounts, still with no luck. So I actioned the ticket back to them at 7pm last night.

I called again this morning (wait time 35 minutes) as there seems to have been no further action by PlusNet. I am then told that I should not even hope for resolution for 72 hours, they went on to say that there is no service level agreement and so it will take as long as it takes.

I can't remember ever being spoken to by a company reprentative who not only sounded as if he did not give a shit but basically confirmed that I was wasting my time calling the support line.

So there it is, any potential customers of Plusnet this is the attitude to service you can expect from Plusnet. Does anyone know the email address of Carol Axe the "so called" Customer Support Manager? Or would that be a waste of my time too?

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What you get with Plusnet

Ask plusnet for your MAC KEY and get yourself a proper ISP.

What you get with Plusnet

@ martinince. Not the most helpful advice ever given. If the op has a line issue a mac will not sort it.

Hi mouse1,

Welcome to the forums.
I am sorry to hear that you are having difficulties.

Firstly if a member of the CSC spoke to you in that manner, rest assured that the Comms Team will deal with that and educate the agent concerned.

In essence, what you have been told is correct. BT do not provide a SLA for adsl and as the issue has to be raised to BT to get it fixed, it can take 72 hours before you'll see any action. Unfortunately thats down to BT's procedures rather than anything else.

However to walk away from a converstaion with the CSC feeling like you did might indicate something. Wink

hopefully one of the Comms Team will pick up on this and see what took place. other than waiting for the system to do its thing though, there isnt much you can do. Its the nature of the beast.

What you get with Plusnet

Thanks Mark

The thing is that according to the Ticket the conclusion is that it is a non BT fault which means it is either me or Plusnet and I am pretty sure it is not me! Therefore blaming BT for the lack of service level agreement seems to be a cop out.

They asked me to test it with the test accounts Bt_test@startup_domain & which I have done with no joy.

The router has quite a comprehensive status screen, it shows the ADSL status changing from "Init" to "Ready" to "Showtime" but it also shows PPP messages that cycle between "Starting PPP" and "PPP Shutdown". So it seems to suggest a PPP authentication error, but they say it is not the case.

I would be happy to carry out further diagnostics at my end if they were to ask or even if a Plusnet engineer noted on the ticket that he had picked up the call and was investigating.

The general feedback today was go away and we'll get round to you in our own sweet time. If nothing else there seems to be a lack of training in how to deal with frustrated customers.

Open : TAM Network Check Analysis
TAM/TH test OK.
QT200/TAM Test - oscnetworkchk
QT200 Test Outcome: CBUKxxxxxxx (Duration 88 secs) Pass
QT200 Sub-Test : TAM Control (Duration 0.0 secs)
tam Switch Pass
QT200 Sub-Test : Network check (Duration 70.0 secs)
Modem Pass
DSL Pass
ATM Pass
PPP Pass
QT200 Sub-Test : TAM Control (Duration 0.0 secs)
tam Switch Pass
One Shot Check Diagnosis
Final Test Outcome Pass
Major Findings TAM Network test OK, synced & remote log on to bt_test. EU in sync, not logged in
Conclusion Non BT Fault
Recommendation NO BTW FAULT - TAM Network test OK, Customer in sync however not logged in
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What you get with Plusnet

what kind of router are you using? Are you able to provide some samples of your logs around the time you get disconnected?
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What you get with Plusnet

I've spoken to one of our faults team regarding this, so that they can investigate further. As for the test logins that you've been trying, isn't one of the test logins, as this should be Though neither of the test logins will do anything other than connect you to test areas.

I would also suggest carrying out a factory reset on your router, if this hasn't already been done, and then reconfiguring it with your connection details.

What you get with Plusnet

Thanks for the advice

The system stopped on Sunday 12-30pm ish after I setup some mailboxes and has not worked since.

I have done resets, left it off and unplugged, changed passwords, compared the settings with an identical router.

The router is a very high quality router that costs £180 and has worked flawlessly, it seems to be working now it just can't get a PPP session established.

BTW you were right about the login I checked my notes and that is what I typed into the router.

Still no progress on the ticket from 7pm last night.
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What you get with Plusnet

From what you've said I'd suspect either you haven't entered your login name ( if you are on the domain) or your password correctly.

You said you were doing something on mailboxes - you didn't change the password for your default mailbox did you? If you have changed passwords I'd try both old and new.
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What you get with Plusnet

If it is a good quality router it should have some decent logging, if you can post the logs here it would help...