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What would be the benefit of...................


What would be the benefit of...................

Upgrading my account from HomeworkerPRO to a full blown business package as yet again I've just spent ANOTHER £22.50 on a Motor Cycle Courier to collect 488 Meg of artwork from a client, because I'm just to afraid to use the connection I pay for?

Quite happy to take this step rather than face the dole queue in the early part of next year; however I wouldn't be happy being stuck on a yearly contract with a strangled connection, and my business going to the wall as a consequence Sad
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What would be the benefit of...................


Upgrading to a business account is not really a long term solution to our problem and isn't what we are asking people to do, because it doesn't solve the problem for either of us.

I'm not sure why downloading 488MB of artwork would make a significant impact on the type of usage we are seeing here, but with usage in the hundreds of gigs per month, it is simply unsustainable to provide you with a service that we are not charging a much more sustainable fee for.



What would be the benefit of...................

Yes I see, but my logic being that it is highly unlikely that Plusnet would get away with, or even consider strangling business connections due to the inevitable consequence of small businesses such as mine going "to the wall" as it were, and people getting thrown out onto the dole queue ect.
The negative P.R. implications of this would ultimately "hurt" ANY ISP so very much more than heavy usage by 0.03% in my opinion.

Also, it would be highly unlikely that "skint" businesses would be able to afford the necessary litigation costs to gain compensation either.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on ya viewpoint, this is not an option for ME, due to the nature of a yearly contract ect.