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What u doing to my speed


What u doing to my speed

W T F are u doing plus net.. why do o pay you 39.99pm for speeds like this...

Date Speed Achieved (kbps)
09-03-2005 13:36:27 457.9
08-03-2005 12:54:53 671.6
08-03-2005 12:54:14 484.2
08-03-2005 12:53:38 689.4
06-01-2005 20:31:54 1927.5

also tested @ adslguide,org @ 869 Kbps

so where is this 2048 or just below..

What u doing to my speed

no-one want to comment on how ripping me off

looks like they stuck this fup on my already

What u doing to my speed

Hi there,

There is more than Plus net to affect your connection speed.

If you havent alresdy done so see the tutorial here

For diagnostics and advice.

Also in the Tutorials section you will see a guide to using the BT Speedtester.

Give those a check and then if you identify the issue raise a ticket.
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What u doing to my speed


Could you provide more information: Eg If that problem as only just started? or has it been like to for some time etc. What connection equip' etc.

Now going by the speed test data you provided. the connection looked ok on 6th Jan. Have you tried the speed test in the morning eg 8am-9am and also an evening test?

Also check here - to see if your exchange has a VP problem. The colour code - Green ok, Amber/red not good.

I'm having slow downs in the evening where I am - found out using the link above my exchange is at Amber.

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What u doing to my speed

Also just to add, if you want PlusNet to officially investigate and work towards resolving your issues then a call to the support team or a contact us ticket would be the best way to get an answer from them. Although they do monitor these forums they do not respond to every post or provide any agreement on when they will monitor and answer posts.


What u doing to my speed

I understand your frustration, but what would plusnet have to gain by limiting your connection like that? It will be a fault somwhere rathr than malicious intent :roll:
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What u doing to my speed

Also check here -

Thanks for supplying this link morrisinc ! good solid info there Cheesy

Thanks for the pointer.

I've just found my exchange is at RED Sad
That could explain a lot of things that have happened recently.

But it is due for an upgrade on Monday Smiley
Looks like we could be heading for calmer waters.

Now hopefully I can look forward to the speed increases due from April.
Big worry though, I am just inside the old limit of 5.3km so I'm not expecting great things.

Anybody know how we will be informed when the speed change has taken place? Will it just require a reboot of the modem/router to take advantage of the new speed?

Cheers, Brian
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What u doing to my speed

Hi there,

Lets hope your situation improves post-Monday. Remember to get a support ticket raised if your exchange gets the all clear and you are still having problems.


Bob Pullen
Plusnet Products Team
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