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What speed SHOULD I be getting?


What speed SHOULD I be getting?

Hello all - I'm confused.

I'm signed up for Broadband Premier option 1. My bandwidth according to the bandwidth test of a couple of minutes ago is 1.67Mbps, more or less the same as it has been for months.

I am connected to the Hulme Hall (MRHUL) exchange. Should I be able to get a better bandwidth than this or not? I understand that BT need to do their bit at the exchange, then PlusNet can do their bit. I can't find on this website where this information is.

Please can somebody point me in the right direction?
I haven't paid the £5 to jump the queue.

What speed SHOULD I be getting?

put your number into the 'see how fast you can go' box, then you can find out what your line is capable of.

don't get your hopes up though mate. i went from 2mbit to 5.8 mbit, and stayed there for 10-14 days, enjoying 450kb/sec download.
and then suddenly my downloads go back to 2mbit speeds, whilst I still sync at 4-4.5mbit. in other words my ip profile and stable rate have gone right down.

so for me, the £5 upgrade was basically pointless.

What speed SHOULD I be getting?

Thanks for the quick response. That's the exact sort of link I was after!

Is it possible that PlusNet still need to do their bit at my exchange - I've not managed to find that information anywhere?

What speed SHOULD I be getting?

If you opted for a maxdsl upgrade this is basically what happens.

BT will test your line for the max supported speed. Then for upto 10 days you will connect at around this speed, give or take 1mbit either way. Whatever proves to be the most stable is what you should end up with at the end.
You will probably have an unstable connection, frequent drops, connection stalls, etc. this is all there's no need to raise tickets or get alarmed.

I was most stable at 4.7mbit, but now i'm being capped at 2.2mbit less, for some bizarre reason.

Hope this helps Wink