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What's happened to all my spam?

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What's happened to all my spam?

Does nobody love me any more?

Seriously, I am not complaining about the lack of spam!

Since I moved two of my domains from 123reg NameServers to PN's my spam seems to reduced from over 60 an hour to about 10/15 an hour.

Admittedly one domain has only been hosted by PN since Monday and the other since the wee hours of this morning.

Strange thing: I have a mail box called temp which is set in OE to check for mail with all the rest and I have rulkes set for everything. But today I decided to check each mail box separately and in doing so 6 emails arrived from the temp box dating as far back as last October.

I know there have been email delays but I have done some tests to my mail boxes and most are getting through even to the mail boxes that usually receive the most spam.

Two of my mail boxes have yet to collect the test emails. Is this indicative of the recent mail problems or something else?


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