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What parts of the service do F9 support??


What parts of the service do F9 support??


F9 don't support the new CGI platform but do they support NG's??

I regularly get things like this screen cap:

If I use a free news server the files pull down OK. Problem is they have a 1GB limit & why should I pay for another service which I am already paying for??

Sooo what exactly is supported for our money?


NNTP replying Ivan

Hello Phonehome,

Yes! Force9 PlusNet do definately have a UseNet (news) service and it is a service that is supported as far as I am aware. Yes! I also know from reading other postings in the forum that usenet on F9 is under going some major work which started recently to upgrade and improve the service to users.

** I also know that the download limit is said to be 15GB's.

**Also see the Announcements Forum, as there are various postings made recently regarding the usenet service. This might relate to your problem/s.

** Usenet (NNTP) is not a service I use myself so I cannot tell you which or what the preferred (recommended news reader, client) software is for the F9 Usenet service. But seems the software or client your using is having problems clearly, you could contact CS and have a talk to them on this might help? (or open a support ticket which is a slower option though).

**To answer your last point, in the wider sense of being an F9 user. You get a whole range of services and features which are directly supported. Such as personal website space, inbound email (POP3) service, outbound email service (SMTP), File Transfer Service (FTP), The F9 Portal itself including these forums, High Quality Broadband service with very high uptimes, Online support via contact us system or 24/7 local rate phone support, Various tools to help you use the service such as VMU & online address book for contacts,etc ,etc I could go on and on and on.

Things that are NOT supported by F9 are your own computers Hardward,your computers (OS) operating system such as Windows or Linux, your computers software or applications, any games, client programs such as news readers, routers and modems (although support will try and help if the hardware was recommended by F9 directly and some support documentation might be available).

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What parts of the service do F9 support??


How many connections are you making to our newsserver? The "Your host connection limit reached" message would imply that you are using more than 8 connections. The servers are set so that the limit is 8. I suspect setting the connections to 8 would also fix the Unable to connect message too. The wrong article size I'm not so sure. I'd suspect that if that's a binary then it's incomplete and there's a part missing. You might be able to set something in your client to ignore errors like that and repair the file with par2 files.

What parts of the service do F9 support??

Cyteck: thanx 4 the input.


I use Grabbit which only provides 8 links, but I rarely use more than 3 or 4.

Point I am making is this happens quite often and I have to use a free yottanews account to complete the missing files, same program etc..

Sometimes it's the odd file but frequently it's over 20% of the files reporting as incorrect.