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What option am I on?


What option am I on?

Hi there.

How can I find out for certain what option I am on as of right now?

I know I am on the 2mb prem package and that my billing date was 03/04 but I'm not sure that I'm currently on option 1 as p2p just does not work at the moment regardless of who I try and d/load off (or I cannot get above about 0.2 kbps).

I know I'm in peak time right now but as my billing date has just come around I should have 15gb to play with, am I right?

Thanks for any help!
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What option am I on?

How about

What option am I on?

Thanks for that, unfortunately it doesn't tell me what option I am on, only the package:

' PlusNet Broadband Premier - Up to 2Mb (Monthly Contract, No Modem)'
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What option am I on?


At the moment you'll still be on the old product. Over the next month we are moving customers across to the new products and we'll send you an email once this is done.

PlusNet Broadband Premier - Up to 2Mb will become Broadband Premier Option 1 once the changeover happens. This should be on your next billing date.

What option am I on?

Yes mine says:

PlusNet Broadband Premier Option 3 (Monthly Contract, No Modem)

Just have to wait M8 Im sorry.


What option am I on?

Ok, that's fine, as long as I know what's happening.

Thanks for clearing that up for me folks!