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What has happened to PlusNet ?


What has happened to PlusNet ?

I have been a customer for over 3 years now ...and have often smurked at friends using BT, Bulldog etc at their poor levels of customer service and connection speeds. However, I managed to convince my friends that PlusNet was the way to go....I always said to them, PlusNet may cost a bit more, but you get a much better overall service...and I was right...and they were happy as new customers of PlusNet...I even managed to get a good few quid knocked of my bills for referals. Then came 8meg upgrade and download restriction time .... well i suppose i could understand there are more and more heavy downloaders out there so a restriction may be necessary for plusnet to stay in operation and the 8meg upgrade, even though a complete shambles in operation, it was a good thing (until that is the first of my friends left Plusnet last month after waiting nearly 2 months for 8mg upgrade with zero connection and tickets not being answered). and so it goes on ...The last 3 months with plusnet have been an absolute supposed 8mg connection speeds are pretty much the speed of a 56k modem and I have reached 80% capacity through being a heavy browser ....god help me if i wanted to download a file !! Ive always stood by Plusnet and reccommended them to everybody, but now its come back to slap me in the face.. All of my referals are actively seeking new ISP's and thats a real shame ......

So my question is this ...What happened PlusNet? you used to be the best , now your just Bulldog with a nice website...and if you carry on ...youll be out of business

Lets hope you turn things around before you lose all of your customers

What has happened to PlusNet ?

Let me say I aggree

My service has been 256k since i joined plusnet yet i was promised 2mb

tried calling them , emailing them, open ticket and nothing

they even managed to confuse my bank with 3 different direct debit dates in the space of 1 month.

i have since canceled them and requested a mac code.