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What happened with the refunds?


What happened with the refunds?

Hey, first post here.

Just wondering what came of the refunds that were planned for folk that had been paying extra? I've been paying £29.99 since October 2004 and haven't used the extra bandwidth over the normal £21.99 account as far as I know, am I still due a refund on the extra money?

I'm not wanting to downgrade to the 21.99 just yet as I'm not ruling out using the extra bandwidth in future, but as i understand it the refund was if you hadn't used the extra in the intervening period?

When the MAX regrade finally happens I'm not expected to get over 2 meg according to the checkers, although even paying the extra I still haven't been regraded or moved to the new product even with my 4th of the month billing date. I raised a ticket last Friday about this and got a regrade ordered that same day along with an account change to Option 2, I assume I had been missed out of the priority scheme. But tomorrow will be a whole week and still no product change or regrade Sad