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What happened to my speed?


What happened to my speed?


I just moved my broadband a couple of days ago, having been on the whole happy with the service from Plusnet.

Unfortnately, in the moving process, +net appear to have downgraded the peformance of my "broadband premier" account to sub-dialup performance. I'm currently downloading 2 torrents with a combined speed of 5KB/s. I am connected to 46 seeds on one torrent and 25 on the other.

Now, I would grudgingly accept if it was just the p2p traffic which was getting "managed" but since it's taking on average 8 seconds to view or while these torrents are coming down, it's obvious that something is seriously wrong with my speed. Pusnet, adslguide and broadbandmax speedtests never exceed 1Mb although in practice http downloads seem stuck at 25KB/s.

What is going on Plusnet?
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What happened to my speed?

Hi there,

I've made a few changes to your account, which may help, you will need to reboot your equipment.

It's also worth remembering that as you have been provisioned on MaxDSL on the new line that speeds can be variable for the first 10 days or so.

If you're still having problems after that we'd need to raise a fault to BT for you.
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What happened to my speed?

You will probably be in the 10 day MaxDSL training period again because it's a different physical line.
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What happened to my speed?

Mand, you are a genius!
Whatever you changed, it's supercharged my connection Cheesy
Checked my speed with bbmax last night and it's now reporting 6Mb Cheesy Cheesy Torrents over the weekend were coming down at 200KB/s too Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy

Thanks again,