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What do I move to?? Please help.

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Registered: 17-08-2007

What do I move to?? Please help.

I'm on Easystart 512k at the moment, and after hearing about the new products, I would like to get the product where there is peak fair usage level of 30mb costing £21.99. Do I have to move to 512k Premier first or will the change happen anyway?

also no idea !!

I also have not idea what is happening - i`m currently on the 512k easystart paying £25 quid/month, - i was going to 'upgarde' my account to a more recent 512k package at £22/month - but was told it would cost me 18 quid for the admin fee - so i stayed where i was.

On the basis of this new pricing setup - i`ll fall into the £30/month fair use charge/month - but will i have to pay an admin charge to move to this ??.

I've read this forum and adslguide - and i still have no idea, and i suspect the ticket system is going to be swamped today !!

I know plusnet tried thier best to explain things - but sometimes 'short and sweet' is better - as for the fair use warning - isnt it more like 3 strikes and you're out ?!??!
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Registered: 04-04-2007

What do I move to?? Please help.

Apparently there is a workshop at some point today, where Easystart is going to be discussed.

Incidently, there were 319 tickets at 09.52 when I raised one (not related to this)