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What are the chances....


What are the chances....

......If i choose to upgrade to 8mb, that my internet connection will go t!ts ups ??

I am on the "up to" 2mb service now, but can only recieve 1mb according to Plusnet.

If i get the 8mb upgrade, will my speeds increase ??

Cheers guys in advance
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What are the chances....

It really depends on your line stats, especially the downstream SNR figure. If you have thee then please post them.

From what I have read on various fora, you may get a small increase or none at all due to you not having a very good line if you can only get 1Mbs under the old line limits.

What are the chances....

How do I get these figures ?


What are the chances....

Found it - can anyone tell me if it looks bleak ? lol

Local Tx Power: 11.55 dB
Remote Tx Power: 15.52 dB
Local Line Atten.: 56.0 dB
Remote Line Atten.: 31.0 dB
Local SNR Margin: 16.0 dB
Remote SNR Margin: 23.0 dB