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What are the benefits of having NO NAT?


What are the benefits of having NO NAT?

What are the benefits of having NO NAT and multiple IPs? Yes I do have 3 PCs and I intend to have one running 24/7 at some point in the future. But my usual PC is only switched on as and when I use it.

I do intend to setup a website (as I have an idea I think I can make money from) at some point before the end of the year and the third PC may act as a server (I haven't decided whether it's good enough to do that yet).

So am I right to go for NO NAT and multiple IPs - I need some advice on this please. I am using a router in case that makes any difference. I still need to be secure as well but the router does have a firewall and I also use Sygate too. What are the benefits if any of having NO NAT?
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What are the benefits of having NO NAT?

You only need no-nat and multiploe IPs if you intend to run multiple servers running the same things (e.g. 2 web servers, 2 email servers) so each server will require its own IP address.

If you just want to run one web server, one mail server, one FTP server either on the same PC or on different PCs, all seen from the outside world, this can be setup using a single IP address and NAT where you just port-forward the necessary ports to the system(s) running those services.

Most people don't need multiple IPs or servers. A single IP, port forwarding and NAT will do the job fine and be more secure.

What are the benefits of having NO NAT?

Hmm I see what you mean. I'll have to have a think about that then.
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What are the benefits of having NO NAT?

It may be fun if you're a geek to run your own web service, but why bother when:
- PN provide you with a web account with cgi already included.
- PN have the speed to support many connections; your up-link speed just isn't sufficient for most web content especially if several users are accessing it at once.
- PN don't charge you for the electricity of leaving a PC on all year round (which would cost you about £150 per year)
- Hosting stuff yourself will seriously eat into your now capped bandwidth allowance.

Also, NAT is the simplest and most effective forms of firewall that anyone can use, I'd recommend keeping it unless you have no other choice.

PS, if you don't like PN then there are 1000's of other companies that will host your website for next-to-nothing.

What are the benefits of having NO NAT?


you have far greater disk capacity
updating the website is VERY much easier
you can set up virtual hosts on your web server and therefore host multiple sites
you can get far more detailed site statistics

Your points about connection speed and keeping a server running full-time are, of course, major considerations - so whether the advantages are worth it depend on your priorities. I do host from my own server at home, but then I have several large capacity, frequently updated, low traffic sites.

You're absolutely right about NAT: shut off all ports and you are almost totally protected from outside attacks. If you host websites you'll have to open port 80, of course, but only to the one web server.

What are the benefits of having NO NAT?

Well you raise a good point pacem in that I don't think I can host a server as I don't have a PC that's high spec enough. I reckon I'll use a virtual server from a domain host or summat. But whatever I do I won't be with PlusNet though.