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What account am I on


What account am I on

I joined F9 on the old home self install account. Last year when the 2mb upgrades were happening I think I upgraded to the premier account but this doesn't seem to be stated anywhere.

Is there anyway to find out which account type you are on?

Thanks Mitch.

What account am I on

you can navigate to this via account details, then view details on the My account section of the member centre

(look at service section at the bottom)

or just try this link direct after loggin in:

What account am I on

Many thanks for that.

It says I'm still on F9 ADSL Home Self-Install, Is there any benfit to changing to premier or am I better off staying as I am.

What account am I on

I really don't know.

Depends on how much bandwidth you use in a month, how much you are currently paying per month etc.....

I don't know what the limits/cost etc for the package you are on is? Or if indeed this package now falls into a new package anyway?

according to this:

the traffic management is the same as priemier option 1.

But there is quite a bit of conflicting information at the moment.
It sounds like you've got the same as premier option 1, so as long as it isn;'t costing you more than premier option 1 then I suppose that is ok?

Hopefully someone else will be able to give you a better answer.
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What account am I on


F9 ADSL Home Self-Install is the same as Broadband Premier Option 1 in pretty much all aspects, we intend to move all Home customers on to Premier shortly. The only real difference is that ADSL Home doesn't include antivius/spam checking on email.

If you wish you can change over now (there's no charge to do it), or we'll do it automatically shortly.