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What about a DoS?


What about a DoS?

With all this traffic shaping now in place and all these soft caps etc, I was wondering:

1) How well can PlusNETs core routers stand upto a DoS seeing as they are stressed already with normal traffic

2) what is plusnets approach if some one gets DoSd, do they help by trying to route the packets else where (to null)

3) If the DoS occurs during "peek" time and thus forces the customer over his / her limit, what happens? Does PN ignore this BW usage and allow the customer to have a clean usage again(so as not to be capped?)

4)will the eulloyceas (or however u spell it) traffic shape the DoS and make it non.. Denailay?

What about a DoS?

It would appear that the Ellacoyas ARE the DoS ... seen how bad things are lately ? Is it a lot worse than a month ago ? What do YOU think they changed ?

Strange how I get 100% packet loss only during peak hours now ... Evil