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What Problems


What Problems

I got to thinking the other day i seem to have alot of time for that these days while waiting the 5 mins for the next web page to come up about the problems of the last year

And it suddenly struck me a year ago i didnt have any problems none at all

I browsed mailed gamed hosted downloaded p2ped when i wanted without any problems at all im not a heavy user i dont think normaly between 20 and 40 gig a month depending and this was at a time when so we were told there was loads of heavy users downloading 24-7 and messing up the network

But then plusnet suddenly told me my email was slow as was my browsing they said my downloads were slow to and they were going to do some thing about it

Well they have certainly done that all right now they are slow

I surpose the point of this post is just for some one to speak up and say yes it was me having those problems and so that way at least i will no im not suffering for nothing and things have improved for some one