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Weston Super Mare Exchange - Have you been connected?


Weston Super Mare Exchange - Have you been connected?

As you may or may not know I recently moved back to England and back to a BT telephone line after the nightmare of cable then came immediately to these forums to sort out broadband once again, this time at the much improved speed of 2mbs due to sitting on top of the exchange instead of being around 900 light years from it.

Having seen the mess of the SUP or whatever it is called these days, I decided to take out a monthly contract with another company until such time as the automation is in place and all the limits/peak times sorted out.

However, I have found myself having to take a plusnet dial-up account (Plus have been superb about this), due to being quoted a whole range of problems in the exchange.

The Broadband was ordered on 20th Jan this year and today BT Wholesale told us THREE different activation dates, 2 weeks, tomorrow and 4 weeks respectively.

What I was wondering is, have any PlusNET customers been activated on broadband on the Westron Super Mare Exchange for ADSL ordered AFTER Jan 20, 2006?

The reason that I ask is because I know of at least TWO people who placed their order after I placed mine and have been connected in the time since, customers of BT Yahoo to be exact, and I am wondering just how many others there are out there who are being connected while BT Wholesale are telling me that there is no capacity at the exchange to connect ANYONE!

So if you've been connected on the Weston Super Mare Exchange (SSWSM) on an ADSL connection ordered AFTER 20 Jan, 2006 then please, do post below.

Thank you
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Weston Super Mare Exchange - Have you been connected?

I would ask that question on ADSLGuide - in one of the general forums (not the Plusnet one). It would be interesting to find out what's happening with other ISPs.
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Weston Super Mare Exchange - Have you been connected?

I did just after I posted here...

I must stress that this is not a PlusNET problem....nor is it a problem with the company I have the monthly contract with....

Both Plus and the other company have been excellent....shame the same can;t be said of BT Wholesale.