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Well that was an eye opener - plusnet are pretty good

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Well that was an eye opener - plusnet are pretty good

At least compared to some of the competition.

I have generally supported plusnet, but more recently have found myself having the odd winge. Most recently Here (about email problems), where I pointed out how reliable freeserve (orange) email is - which I still use after nearly 2 years with plusnet.

Should have known better. On Friday, Orange email stopped working (authentication failure). After messing about for a few hours I found webmail also would not authenticate.

Now plusnet may have more than their fair share of problems - but at least when you do, you can contact them. Freeserve gives you a 50p/min support line - or if you wade through their site for a while you may just find a way to email them. Problem is, all their email replies ignore the information provided and spout stock answers at you.

There are no user forums (except those at thinkbroadband), and certainly no support team who will answer in detail in the forums like we have here.

Basically you are left swinging in the breeze - no email for 3 days until it miraculously sorted itself out this evening (after I finally got an acknowledgement about a known problem this morning.) All this time the service status stayed green.

So well done plusnet for providing an excellent support service for when things do go wrong.

And now I'm probably going to finally bring my email in from freeserve (where my address is now attracting nearly 100 spam per day)
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Well that was an eye opener - plusnet are pretty good

You are kidding me arnt you?
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Well that was an eye opener - plusnet are pretty good

Thanks, always good to hear positive posts Smiley

Having worked at Freeserve many moons ago I could tell some stories, but probably shouldn't. One of the things I think that does set us apart from other ISPs is the open and honest approach; I'm not surprised that Freeserve status wasn't updated.

Something to look forward to in this respect is a project we calling internally "P1s on the portal", which will allow customers to see any priority one (the top priority) problem we have open, and another is to start publishing our internal policies and procedures.