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Well done +net


Well done +net

Thanks +net for the free midnight - 8 am usage which is quite useful for us nighthawks! Cheesy

I look forward to the speed upgrade but have given up trying to find when that'll happen as the threads don't say (no doubt because the info isn't available).
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Well done +net


Thanks, glad you like the overnight usage. At the moment we can't give much of a timescale regarding the regrades. We expect the bulk regrade tool to be available around 24th April at which time we may be able to give a better idea of timescales.
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Lucky you!

I wish I could use 12-8 with confidence.

Every time I do, I get an email (or two) telling me I have gone even further over my PAYG limit.

I really hope this is fixed before my billing date comes round again