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Well done +net & BT

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Registered: 30-07-2007

Well done +net & BT

Thanks to +net support staff who were very helpful & also BT as I am glad to say I finally got my connection dropping fixed after several weeks of ticket raising.
Right from the start I was suspicious of the fact that my neighbour & I both shared a line to the nearby pole where it then split into two in a little brown box.

Oh no thats quite normal said two of the BT contractors who came & even the properly trained BT engineer who came said the same thing altho I must point out he was extremely helpful in every way & even rang this morning to see if my line had been stable over the weekend after my new line was fitted on Friday .

Basically my problems began when our new neighbour had b/band enabled & there are various recent posts of mine complaining of losing sync etc.

I pointed this out to BT DSL faults when they phoned me again & they did some research & discovered that when b/band is enabled on both halves of a split line then interferance will occur when either is phoning or online

So basically my diagnosis was correct right from the start so I think I will have my brain removed & apply for a BT contractors job !!

Tongue Tongue