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Well done, PlusNet


Well done, PlusNet

The text below is a copy of my closing text for a help Question (or ticket).

Many thanks to all who have helped resolve this problem. It was a matter of serious concern to me and your help has done a great deal to ease a highly stressful situation for me.

My thanks in particular to link:csa removed who phoned me at home and whom I found very diplomatic and tactful in his dealings with me, in spite of him having also to deal with the complications that this sort of situation raises for those employed in the businesses that occasionally have to deal with them.

That said, I found him typical of the exceptionally high standard of customer service in PlusNet and, as I have mentioned indirectly previously, I think PN deserves applause and commendation for its unusually high standards.

I have have been a customer of PlusNet since 02/08/2002, pretty much at the start of the internet broadband boom, and have found your standards wrt to both technical and customer support to be of exceptionally high quality.

Vis .. in my first year with PN there were approximately 3 days on which service provision failed.

In the years since I have come to expect and to find that the service is continuous and have not had more than 1 hour downtime at any one time nor have I experienced any notable deterioration at any time in the quality of broadband provision.

As a professional in the computing field with much of my work related to using the internet, designing websites for businesses on the internet or related to Remote Assistance support over the internet, I have to commend PN for its exceptional quality of provision and service and the impact of that upon my ability to sustain my own business and income.

Many thanks again for being a provider that is both helpful and considerate of its customers' interests.

[Moderators note by James (sallyandjames) : Agents name removed as per the link:rules ]