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Well Im lost now?


Well Im lost now?

Well I dont know about anyone else but Im lost now with all the changes and b.u.l.l.s.h.i.t that Plusnet have thrown around here. One minute they say something and the next change there minds and change it again.

Well when I first started with PN I was a happy chappy and my 2MB was sold to me on a 2MB, 20/1, unlimited package.

Now all has changed.

Well Im sorry to say this but I was a 100% supporter of PN but if they dont get there act together soon, then Im off to another understanding provider who values me as a customer and not a figure that brings money in.

I feel like a cow at a cattle market.

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Well Im lost now?

that makes 2 of us bemused.

I consider myself well versed in internet, but I'm totally lost as to whats happening, when, what effect it'll have, what products are available, whether the contention ratios are plusnet's,BT'sor an amalgamation of both.

The timeline that I've seen is:-

Sometime in March we got:-
"people will get start getting 8Mb from April"

Then we got
"Free upgrades to 2MB from April, 8M later in the year free" together with
"Fair Use Policy" which gave us pricings for various bandwidth usage at peak time. There followed an extend period of education as to what the new products actually meant, half way thru which we got:-

"Free upgrades to 2MB BEGIN in April for some people, rest might have to wait to July", or pay a regrade fee now and get 2MB immediately. Anyone who can get 8MB when it happens will get it for free !!

Now, having looked at everything, waited for the BT schedule, saw that I was not due til around June, I put in a request for a 14.99 regrade. That couldn't be done (fair enough). But now I find that if it had been done, the goal posts have changed again:-

"No more Fair Use policy" (after listening to death about its virtues, its now suddenly no longer viable, and its not even launched). Strangely they still have some sort of FUP (just not called that), as if someone is using too much bandwidth, they'll deem it unfair and facilitate movement to another ISP.

"Contention base service". But this isn't the contention that we all know about, its some new contention that Plusnet is going to implement at a level lower than the BT contention ratio...but they call it the same thing (now thats clear, isn't it). We are told that BTs contention more or less doesn't impinge on users, and yet this new contention system will tackle the same issue as the FUP was devised to why change it. Either the levels set in the original FUP where fair, or they weren't ?

Now we are going to be told about a completely new pricing policy, but not until next week, 'cause all this information will be too confusing. You are kidding ?....right ?

I'm totally, completely, and absolutely lost.

Ian McNeill
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Well Im lost now?

If you are currently on a 20:1 product then it will be a little different for you. We will be contacting you at a later date to advise of what will happen to your accounts, and what options will be available to you when this happens.

Well Im lost now?

You guys do this every time. Why should the 20:1 customers always have to wait even longer to be told what's going on?

Every single time. Do you hate us or something?
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Well Im lost now?

Do you hate us or something?

Nothing personal. They hate all their users. :roll:

Well Im lost now?

No they don't hate, to hate you have to care Tongue

Well Im lost now?

I'm lost too. I signed up thinking the FuP was great. I could downlaod up to 75gb at peak times and what I liked offpeak. Now i don't know where I stand! Do I have to stick within the 75gb at all times? Why did they scrap it?

Well Im lost now?

One things for sure I aint raising no ticket Wink I work at Customer Services and id beg people to not raise a ticket or phone plusnet, people should understand Customer Services is the worst/Busiest/Horrible job in the World and should have some respect and patience.... and wait for them to update news via the portal Cheesy

Hopefully plusnet say yeap no limits no FUP and get ya 2mb upgrade now if u want then ill stay with em !

Well Im lost now?

I guess we'll have to wait until next week. I think what they should of done was not informed everyone they had scrapped the FUP until they had the new system ready and in place.
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Well Im lost now?

Ah but if they had told us everything at the same time they would have only upset customers once. This way they have two stabs at the same cherry and upset customers twice. Got to keep the ball rollong don't you know, must upset customers at least once a month.

Well Im lost now?

Plusnet are changing there name and URL to:

Name: Plusnet Has Lost The Way

News Flash:
Plusnet has decided to drop all their packages to one single package, the new package is called "Tuff Luck" and this package provides:

No support
No quality of service
*Unlimited bandwidth (Terms And Conditions Apply (Read The Small Print))

*We decide what you get from one day to the next and make the rules up as we go along.

Someone should contact and ask them can plusnet join them as a partner Smiley

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Well Im lost now?

Seriously PN - any chance of addressing the 512 v.s 2mb contention issue Ive raised? (17)