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Welcome to the Community Support Forum


Welcome to the Community Support Forum

We would like to welcome you to the Community Support forum at PlusNet. The forums are based on the popular phpBB software and provide a wealth of features, many of which have been requested by our customers in the past.

Customer feedback is very important to us, and we welcome all of it – good and bad. The support team are on hand in this forum to answer any of your queries, although we would ask that you checkout the Forum Guidelines and Forum Rules before posting in any of our forums.

Several of our customers also act in a moderating capacity, they are -
johnessex (John), fa55dsl (Chris), tomspcs(Tom), sallyandjames (James), no7olivier (Daniel) and chillypenguin(Jonathan)

The role of the moderators is primarily to ensure the forums provide an enjoyable and informative experience for everyone. They are also here to ensure that everyone follows the Forum Rules and Guidelines, posts their messages in the right place and keep threads on topic. The moderators have the right to edit, censor, delete or otherwise modify any posted message.

Edited posts will appear with a red [Moderators note] to indicate that it has been edited for inappropriate content (such as that which is against the forum guidelines), or for posting something totally irrelevant to the thread.

A Blue [Moderators note] is now used for something that is not too serious but needs the attention of the poster drawing to it.

A green [Moderators note] is used to indicate if they have corrected a post with incorrect UBBC tags, a double posting, or any other trivial matter.

If at any time you have reason to question the action of a moderator, in the first instance please contact
Mark Kelly, Dave Tomlinson, Bob Pullen, Mand Beckett or Liam Martin by private message or email.

From time to time you may see other PlusNet staff posting here in the different forums, as a company we actively encourage this, but we should note that this not for resolving individual support issues and nor an escalation channel.

Many thanks for being a part of the PlusNet community and we hope you find value in using your forums.

With Regards,

The PlusNet Support Team