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Webstats logs and problems


Webstats logs and problems

Hi ...

I have the webspace activated for my account, and i have been able to see the live stats that your system produces every night.

The problem at the moment is that no matter i have the stats active or deactivated, the stats html pages always get done every night.

And also with the stats active, the log files in my webspace area don't get updated. i have 7 logs, from end May beginning of June, but since then, no more logs have been generated.

I would like to have access to the raw log information.

Can you help me?
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Webstats logs and problems

I believe you have to request the "Raw" logs these days by raising a link:Contact us ticket.
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Webstats logs and problems


Yep, as John says raise a ticket and we'll activate it for you. Just state what domain(s) you want them for.
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Webstats logs and problems

Can we please have a section added to the webstats page to describe the raw webstats and to indicate a contact us ticket is needed (and a link to the specific section) so people actually know what to do to enable them now. Previously both the portal and raw logfiles were created when the webstats were enabled..

Changing the process but not actually saying it has changed is not helpful.

You also need to indicate a contact us ticket is needed in the Webstats Logs help page.

This has been requested before and until it is added, the same queries will keep happening.