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Webstats can track me easily!


Webstats can track me easily!

My own webstats and my friends webstats (he's not a PlusNet customer) show clearly my having visited his and my site:

*Start of Log*
Top 10 of 41 Total Sites By KBytes
# Hits Files KBytes Visits Hostname
1 2 0.98% 2 2.60% 724 27.46% 0 0.00%
2 25 12.25% 6 7.79% 432 16.39% 1 2.13%
3 35 17.16% 5 6.49% 347 13.14% 1 2.13%
4 1 0.49% 1 1.30% 196 7.43% 0 0.00%
5 1 0.49% 1 1.30% 196 7.43% 0 0.00%
*End of Log*

You can clearly see me at the bottom there of his log. Most traffic is identified as being from a generic server or host, so why am I so easy to track? I'm on the Broadband package with a fixed IP. Are all users so easy to identify? It's quite scary that you can be tracked so easily wherever you go as a Plusnet customer. My friends tin foil hat nearly fell off when he saw how obvious it was that I'd been on his site. Is there anything I can do to be less obvious? or something PlusNet can do? This is surely a privacy issue, for what little privacy we have as Net surfers.
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Webstats can track me easily!

Hi there,

This is because the reverse DNS for your IP address is in the form We can change this if you want to a subdomain (if you have a domain on your account) or your

If you want us to do this raise a ticket through contact us.


Webstats can track me easily!

Thanks, I'll do that Smiley