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Website typos

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Website typos

Email settings page/Spam Protection

'Select a setting then click Update My Spam Setting to submit you new choice.'

Should read 'your new choice'.

I clicked around a but but couldn't see where to report this sort of thing. Can anyone tell me? Should I have raised a ticket?

I also think this page could be improved by an explanation of how the two boxes work.
I assume one changes all domains, the othe changes individual domains. Its not evident from the labelling they're doing the same thing. The top one seems superflous IMHO.

Call me Mr Picky . . .
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Website typos

Have a wee spell check at your own work as well!!!! And yeah your probably best raising a ticket, and use the other quieries one

Website typos

bit harsh m8. It is a company website after all so him raising it its not a bad thing.

I wouldnt really call that a complaint either. Its more just pointing it out so someone fixes it sometime

The 2nd part is a "suggestion"

meh. Life
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Website typos

edited :roll:

Not at my best first thing in the morning apologies