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Website transfer limits


Website transfer limits

Today I received an e-mail letting me know I was abusing the daily transfer limit on my webspace!

Now this is a little annoying since even though the daily limit is 250Mb a day, I was sure that PlusNet only minded if that totalled up to over 7750Mb in a month (which this didn't). In fact, I was so sure of this that I checked the last "abuse" e-mail I got and yes, I was right!

From an e-mail I got a few months ago warning that I was approaching the limit:
Total monthly usage so far: 6446.93MB
Total monthly allowance: 7750MB

So why this change of policy? Whether I use 250Mb per day over the course of a month or 7750Mb over a few days during the end of the month then no more, I don't see what the difference is. (It won't affect your averages and I can't imagine the server having problems - though I'm not an expert so I might be wrong). It just makes the webspace considerably less useful to me.

Finally then, do you have any ideas on how to ensure only 250Mb/day is transferred? I can't sit here all day checking the bandwidth monitor. I think if it's an option I'd prefer to have the webspace shutdown after the transfer limit is reached if it can automatically spring back into life the next day and do another 250Mb (without me having to e-mail in or anything).

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Website transfer limits

Plusnet keep track of bandwidth usage on a daily basis. They have set the limits to stop people abusing the system and thus effecting all other users. I website that suddenly or over a period increases it's bandwidth to be over the maximum for several days will be instructed to take steps to reduce the bandwidth usage to an acceptable level or have their web services suspended.

This is to ensure all users get an acceptable access speeds to their website.

You have 3 options:

- Change to a business account which offers 500MB/day transfer limits
- Change your website to reduce it's content sizes (images etc) or remove content to stop it being downloaded.
- Move your website to a host that allows such bandwidth figures

It is only fair that everyone has an equal as possible share of the webserver resources and these limits are to ensure this happens.

Finally there is no way to monitor your website bandwidth usage. If you are looking at the view my usage page, this is for your ADSL line and has nothing to do with your website bandwidth.

Website transfer limits

Finally there is no way to monitor your website bandwidth usage. If you are looking at the view my usage page, this is for your ADSL line and has nothing to do with your website bandwidth.

Well, if you enable Web Stats for your website you can view bandwidth usage for the previous day from the control panel. This doesn't allow real-time checking, unfortunately, but it's better than nothing.
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Website transfer limits

Hi there,

The daily bandwidth limits are there to ensure a quality of service is retained for everyone. The reason that it is meansured daily is because of the way in which we purchase external bandwidth - which is designed so that the average over all of our customers is at a certain level or below (which we can determine from the accounts with webspace in use).

For this reason it is effectively more expensive for us to pay for 7750Mb in one day than it is for us to pay for 250Mb a day for a month - due to the way in which 'burst' bandwidth is billed.

The best way to limit your bandwidth is to enable webstats and then see what images or pages on your site cause the most bandwidth to be used and look at removing or reducing the size of it.