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Website bandwidth monitoring AGAIN!!!


Website bandwidth monitoring AGAIN!!!

This is still unanswered and its plain obvious that if your message falls off the frount page on these forums you dont get an answer, so i thought id bring it back ! I also sent an email to plusnet regarding this issue but it got unanswered, so ill try again.

Ive been given confusing information from plusnet regarding the 250mb a day bandwidth allowance and what happens if you go over the limit.

This thread dated 12/10/02 tells me if i go over the limit twice the site gets disabled.

This thread dated 25/10/02 tells me it doesnt get disabled.

I did ask who was telling the truth on that last thread but it gone unanswered. As a paying customer who wants to use his webspace, i want to know what the correct answer to my question is, because someones telling porkies.

Can someone please answer me this time, cause im still confused.