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Webmail setup - column width for Subject


Webmail setup - column width for Subject

In the "simple" interface it would be very nice to be able to alter the column widths, mainly for the subject. I get mail from a number of mail lists, so often get emails with subjects that show up like:

Re: [Example-List-name] Develo...

The current setup (30 characters?) is just not enough to give any idea of what the email is about.

Could this be a user-configurable option in the webmail setup page?

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Webmail setup - column width for Subject

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the webmail platform I don't think this would be easy to implement and as such is unlikely to be accepted by the business.

That being said, it would be nice to be able to see more of the subject, so I've raised it through anyway, as there is a chance that its easier to implement than I think.

Webmail setup - column width for Subject

Given the way it works currently - a fixed number of characters are displayed regardless of the available space for them - it may simply be better to display the entire subject and accept that it will wrap in some circumstances.

Having experimented with a small browser window prior to this post, I believe the way that the subject wraps if there isn't room to display it is quite acceptable without any changes to the generated html, and would make better use of screen capital for those of us who no longer run at 800x600 - I find the truncated message subject takes up less space than the gap between the subject and author columns...