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Webmail problems

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Webmail problems

Just opened up my webmail, 25 spam 1 mail I wanted to keep. I selected all 25 spam messages, clicked move to trash. 23 were moved, 2 stayed in my inbox together with the one I wanted to keep.

Selected the 2 spam mails again and selected move to trash, page refreshed and they hadn't moved. Selected them again and selected erase, page refreshed and all 3 emails had gone!

Arrrggghhh! Anyway, anyone else noticed any problems with the webmail? I also noticed it was going very very slowly.
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Webmail problems


Not seen any other problems like this with webmail. There was a problem with POP3 email causing timeouts which could be a related factor as webmail uses POP3 (or IMAP) to check email and will delete emails using the number so if the first time you deleted the 2 messages it would have deleted emails 1 and 2, when you then refreshed the page if they'd been deleted then email 3 becomes email 1 and thus deleted.