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Webmail and Spam Filter

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Webmail and Spam Filter

I realise that there are two ways of using PlusNet's Spam filter:

1) Getting all Spam e-mails moved to a special Spam webmail folder, so that e-mails that are considered to be Spam never reach my PC.

2) Get the subjects of suspected Spam e-mails marked with [-SPAM-], to be dealt with using message rules in my e-mail client.

Is it possible to use a combination of these methods? I would like to have e-mails that are marked with [-SPAM-] moved to a separate webmail folder, so that they don't get in the way when I view my e-mail using Webmail, but I want the contents of that folder to be downloaded to my PC when I access my e-mail using Outlook.

Webmail and Spam Filter


You can do that by setting up your outlook account to use IMAP to access your email.

The setup of this is almost the same as using pop3, although you need to set the mail client you are using to IMAP and ensure that you use as your incoming mail server.
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Webmail and Spam Filter

Sorry gentlemen,

There are numerous other threads out there relating to the spam and webmail situation, so I'm going to lock this one in favour of this thread, which is already well established and has a lot of information in it.