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Webmail acting very strange

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Registered: 16-08-2007

Webmail acting very strange

I've had nothing but problems with the Plusnet webmail system tonight ( 19th )

Both myself and my boyfriend have plusnet accounts. I logged in, checked my mail and logged out but then when my boyfriend logged in he got MY inbox!! We closed down the browser, restarte the computer etc but it just keeps happening!

Also we are both getting messages showing up as "new" that are days old and that we have already downloaded.

Another thing is that when we click on a message that appears to be say for example from "john smith" the actual message will again be from someone entirely different who sent us a message days ago.

Is anyone else experiencing these problems?


RE: Webmail acting very strange

> Is anyone else experiencing these problems?
Hi there,
It is personally working fine for me. If your symptoms persist, please raise a ticket via Contact Us and our development team will investigate for you.
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