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Webmail Question: - "Setting up multiple mail accounts&


Webmail Question: - "Setting up multiple mail accounts&


How do I set-up all my email accounts? I have a number of mailboxes with plusnet but I only seem to get the primary account.

Do I still have to enter account details with a plus symbol?



and what is the host name for plusnet? ( ?)

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Webmail Question: - "Setting up multiple mail accounts&

You access your default mailbox using username and passoword.

To access named mailboxes you use username+mailboxname and the password you created when the mailbox was created.

It is basically the same as with the old webmail system. You clicked on Webmail to access you default mailbox and you clicked on Mailboxes to access named mailboxes.

Email adresses are always as shown when you access Connection settings -> Connection details under My Account on the left.

Webmail question: accessing multi-accounts together

With the old webmail system I could set up an inbox which retrieved mail from more than one plusnet mailbox at a time and then distinguish between them with a coloured dot. How do I do that with the new beta system?

Webmail Question: - "Setting up multiple mail accounts&

That is the main problem I have with the new web mail. Accessing multiple mailboxes (I need three) is a pain!! Please can we have it changed!!