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Webmail Question / Bug Report: Multi Accounts


Webmail Question / Bug Report: Multi Accounts

As mentioned in other feedback this is a vast improvement on the previous version of webmail.

I have tried though to add additional accounts to the webmail. On the first occasion all worked fine, except operator error. I then deleted this account and attempted to create a new account, but on clicking on the related shortcut or using the pulldown nothing happened. Selecting any other option is fine.

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Webmail Question / Bug Report: Multi Accounts

Kind of following up from this..... I'm not sure a] what the multi option is for and b] how to use it. A little guidance would be helpful.

I'm guessing that it's to deal with the fact that my outgoing address is by defaul simon@rayboulds.etc and I actually want it to read which is the domain I've got overlain on my 'rea'l one.

..... but I'm not sure - and without knowing quite how to use the system I daren't experiment to find out!

Cheers..... Simon

Webmail Question / Bug Report: Multi Accounts

I used the "basic" interface and the only thing I noticed was that none of the mails collected by PlusMail from my Demon account were present (which is I guess to be expected). Do I need to set this up again?
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Webmail Question / Bug Report: Multi Accounts

Yep. Also, if you set it up in POP3 mode, they probably won't appear in IMAP mode either.

Multi Accounts

I see from subsequent postings that I understood the use of this item correctly, but on trying to use this feature, when the item is selected, nothing is happening. I am not taken to another page to configure my setup to collect other emails, as the previous system used to.


multi e-mail accounts

i cannot access my other e-mail addresses/reply addresses in this version, but i have them set up in the original setup of mail.

irritating, especially as the regular webmail has not always been available recently...

also, my messages in my inbox will not organise themselves in time order, like they do in the original version, someone still ahs a lot of work to do me thinks!

please do not remove the original works! Evil