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Webmail Performance


Webmail Performance

Been meaning to ask for a while but why is the webmail in the portal so slow? For what are fairly simple pages, just showing the inbox and viewing a message seems overly slow and has for a long time.

I've accessed it many times over two different ADSL links (home and work), over a mobile connection (VERY painful!) and on many different machines so I'm fairly confident it's not an issue at my end.

Any thoughts? Any hope of it improving?


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Webmail Performance

This is a known problem but the solution is some way off. The webmail is currently running on the same systems as the portal, PlusNet plan to move it to it's own server to improve response times at some time. There are also other internal changes planned to improve IMAP response which webmail relies on.

This may not happen until the new webmail system and possibly the new portal software is released. This has all been delayed by the www and cgi performance issues and bugs in the new portal software that need to be ironed out yet.

Things will get better but when is still unknown.
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Webmail Performance

Hi there,

Peter is correct on this one. We are aware of the problems on the webmail service and rather than try to 'fix' the current solution (which is 5 year old code and a bit dated) we are starting a-fresh with a new webmail system.

The new system will run on its own servers, which will speed it (and probably the portal in general) up as well as adding a host of new features and functionality. It is in development now but as part of this work we need to completely re-asses our IMAP service (as we have identified some issues with this and the webmail relies on it) as well as the actual integration of the mail system with the portal it is a fairly large project.

It has not been delayed too much by the CGI problems since the actual webmail side of things is under the development rather than networks umbrella (hence different people working on it) - but the IMAP work is in the networks department and will need to be put onto their work schedule.