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Webmail Feedbk: Pathetically slow and obstruction by plusnet


Webmail Feedbk: Pathetically slow and obstruction by plusnet

I can't access the online mail service I'm paying for because of this enforced trial. I don't want to participate but want to access my mail. I'm cancelling my contract.

[Moderator's note (by csogilvie): Topic modifed to fit with the requested title in the instructions]

Webmail Feedbk: Pathetically slow and obstruction by plusnet

Well, you wouldn't be able to terminate it due to failure of contract,t hat is for sure.

PlusNet are not enforcing you to use anything.

It is currently well documented that there are issues in the e-mail platform, as a result, webmail has been disabled and directed to the beta, which will not have a performance impact on the portals.

It is your choice if you use this or not.

There are far more convenient ways to access your e-mail than webmail, which are not blocked, not in trial and thus not obstructing your use.

The only person obstructing is yourself.

Webmail Feedbk: Pathetically slow and obstruction by plusnet

Having read similar responses from PN staff (or the myriad of staff in call centres to which they probably outsource) I must say that I'm astounded by the rudeness of these people! Sure, sometimes customers get frustrated when they can't access mail which they rely on for work/personal use but just becuase they are making some complaints there's no need to be rude or dismissive in return. It is obvious that this customer might not understand how to access POP3 mail via mail client, so why just don't you just poiunt thenm to the FAQ link on the webside instead of potentially losing custom? I know why, you don't work for PN and so you don't care. I wonder if any senior PN management ever read this forum and see what 'staff' are saying to their customers?

Webmail Feedbk: Pathetically slow and obstruction by plusnet

Moderator, you weren't very helpful, and you haven't responded to the feedback given. I agree with the original poster that this enforced trial is inconvenient, a link to the old systems would be nice. And if the old systems aren't working then the staff at PN should be working on those with higher priority than a beta test system.

It is not unlikely that many people chose PN as an ISP because of the access to webmail when no alternative is available, ignoring this is very bad business.

It is very unlikely that PN management would be trolling this forum, but whoever is should be handling things with a little more consideration. The lack of any webmail is a serious problem.

Webmail Feedbk: Pathetically slow and obstruction by plusnet

Again, you are not being forced to use any system.

The old system is not operation as it has been disabled by PlusNet, as per the service status annoucment. This is not hard to find information.

Because of the amount of load it places on the portal server, they disable it, so that other aspects of the service are avilable.

Which would rather it be, some access to the service, or none?

PlusNet do know that the lack of webmail is a problem, but they also know that the server load that causes them to do this is an even greater priority. Again, as per the service status annoucments, they are working on this too.

What I am saying here is not unknown information, it is available to all if you could only have looked.

Webmail Feedbk: Pathetically slow and obstruction by plusnet

and "Closing the Thread" because you are not able to provide the service, answer the questions and dont like the criticism is not very constructive either!

Webmail Feedbk: Pathetically slow and obstruction by plusnet

Your problem seems to be an inability to 'listen' to what YOUR CUSTOMERS are saying. Rather than repeatedly hiding behind comments about 'us' looking at other parts of the site and various announcements you should perhaps focus your attention on offering practical advice, e.g. like I previously mentioned in using a mail client (Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc.) to receive POP3 mail. I would only use webmail when abroad, which is just as well seeing as its at an all time low at present. Now, rather than getting all defensive about what I've said why don't you offer the original poster some good friendly advice?Huh

Webmail Feedbk: Pathetically slow and obstruction by plusnet

Don't look at me to provide those answers. I am only a customer and do not work for PlusNet.

With only two clicks I could find that information, but granted, I know my way around the site.

It is as much the peoples inability to look for themselves that is the problem here.

Webmail Feedbk: Pathetically slow and obstruction by plusnet

Acarr, you are the 'face' of PN here on these boards, and as such should represent their wishes. I do not feel you have PN's best wishes in mind, seeing as you have made no attempt to comfort upset customers, in fact you seem determined to cause affront to them.
I have reported your behaviour to PN, as I feel you are a very poor representative for them, and may be helping to lose them business.

Webmail Feedbk: Pathetically slow and obstruction by plusnet

As they seem to create as much work as possible for us.

It is my job, along with the other moderators to do just that, moderate. All comments in my posts come from me, and not on behalf or representative of PlusNet.

I fail to see how it is in PlusNets best wishes when I start having a go at them for bad server, which I have done, and will continue to do so.

I am perfect agreement, it should never have come to the situation we are in now with the slow speeds and shoddy e-mail service they provide.

However, we have to make do. It's time to "put up" or "leave".

PlusNet have noted there mistake and people have been refered to this on countless occasions. Flankly, users inability to read what is in front of their face infuriates me (me, not the moderator, not plusnet).

How PlusNet are supposed to find the wheat from the chaff in the amount of replicated posts I don't know. You can only say things so many times before it sloses all meaning, regardless of how important the point is.

How other users can go on about obstruction is beyond me. PlusNet disable e-mail because it is creating a major performance impact in other parts of their service. They have a ongoing beta that needs feedback, so they direct users there (which I don't agree with).

There are then many different things a user does here

1: Refuses to use it claiming obstruction. PlusNet have posted clear status annoucment why they have disabled this.

Which would you rather see. Moans "there is a slow webmail system that is beyond a joke, not to mention the slow portal", or a clear annoucment stating they have disabled somthing as a "temporary measure".

2: Uses the beta and finds it very slow.

Only now, they come to the forums as advised (no issues there). However, they then fail to do the following in order.

a: Read the "Please read before posting" notice at the top of the page

b: See the titles of the following posts
Pathetically slow (this post)
Beta Testing very slow
Rock and a Hard place
Logging in
Webmail beta - Very Very slow

Granted, some thread names are misleading, but three of them are obviously names. To note, this is only from the first page, I could have quoted the 12 from page 2.

I don't expect anybody to like it, but I would like them to employ some comon sense. If people can keep things to single threads having followed the guidelines, read the service status and at least give PlusNet some understanding, I don't think this discussion would be taking place.